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Wonderful little noir story

The commitment to the noir genre is really impressive but there are many surprises to keep you on your toes. A fun one to watch grow through the seasons. Great sound design, writing, and the most ear bug of an intro song ever.

It's raining outside, a trumpet plays sad jazz. A man starts giving a sad monologue about events that we'll probably get back to later in the series. everything about this show screams NOIR! and if that's your vibe this show will be a real treat

Pretty neat!

The sound design is awesome! The music, narration, and overall vibe is really cool. I put it on and lost myself in it as I worked.

Fantastic! From a storytelling perspective, one of the things I love about Neon Shadows is that it knows how to perfectly subvert expectations. Just when you thinking it’s going one way, it goes another in a way that feels earned and enjoyable. And that’s a hard thing to do. Not only that, great voice acting, and it’s exactly what you want as far as sound design.

Have you ever seen a trumpet cry? Do you remember your first date with a bullet hole? How was your honeymoon in a bodybag? Neon Shadows is no joke but if you need more punch in your punchline, they've gotta haymaker with your name on it. The acting here is the big sell; you're next to Frank Dixon at the bar. You feel those 80 proof sorrows gasping for air as Frank downs another whiskey. Mr. Knowles knows a thing or twelve about noir and breathes life into all shades of shady. It's worth our time to toss a dime at sound design. Noir is a wily beast to tame in the audio drama arena but Neon Shadows nails it. You're the ringmaster at this 3 ring. In the thick of it. Your tweed gets nicotine stains from every dive, drive or dame this shamus gets stuck in. If you like shadows in your earbuds, make 'em neon. It's a dark alley of audio and inuendo that leaves you thirsty for that next dram of Frank Dixon.

A Golden Silky Voice, in a Dark Noir Painted Cityscape. Neon Shadows is something familiar, but it's also something with an intelligent execution. You can easily tell the love that has gone into this show. Top notch production value and voice acting to match. In the dark sea of dark storytelling, Neon Shadows stays true to it's name and lights up the night.

I'm a couple of episodes in. It's always great to see noir in a classic style done well, though this one seems to have a supernatural bent that still meshes nicely. There's some brutal sound design in the fights that suits the hard-boiled tone of the show. Get your detective fix.

Noir perfection

Where have you been all my life!?! This show is bingeworthy! Very creative and such a cool concept. It’s like a movie for your ears! It harkens back to the days of serial radio shows.

So good!

Just found this podcast! So glad I did! It will get you hooked and you’ll want to binge it. Check it out!

Atmospheric and Layered

Somewhere, there's a place where it never rains—a world where good guys always win and heroes always make the right choice. The world of Neon Shadows is decidedly NOT that place. Between the universes of Sam Spade and Carl Kolchak, Investigator Frank Dixon finds himself drawn into a puzzle where things like "who, what, and why" are the easy questions. Ian Knowles shares a story of malice and deception with just the right amount of weird, delivered to you with enthralling narration and immersive sound design that will put you right in the darkest corners of his world. If you enjoy atmospheric storytelling presented through colorful and stylish turns of phrase, make it a point to explore the unfolding Neon Shadows audio drama.

A fun, well crafter nr thriller

Listened to the whole first season after running across it! Super engaging, well acted and phenomenally written.

Nice noir audio drama

Fun shows, nice voice acting, good scripts. Check it out!

Absolutely phenomenal, couldn’t stop listening!

It’s simple... if you’re not listening to Neon Shadows, you most definitely should be. 10 outta freakin 10 man.

The next great noir detective!

If you like detective noir you have found your next binge! Hooked by the very first episode! Gripping and gritty story, exceptional voice acting and twists and turns you’ll never see coming!

Amazing sound quality

The time put into letting the listener truly hear what’s happening in the story, Is massive clearly. Great plot, hooked from episode 1.

Well done

Well done with an exceptional cast, and wrote very well. High production quality and highly recommend to anyone interested in a story telling podcast

This is GREAT

One of my favorite podcasts. It’s different, in a good way. To anyone on the fence about trying it out...please do! You won’t be disappointed.

My new favorite!

The next Sherlock Holmes.

Super recommend it to those who love mysteries.

This rules

This podcast is awesome and so well done. I’ve listened to the first two episodes and I’m dying for more. Definitely check it out!

Love it

Love this show the sound quality is really good I feel like I’m there

Hide in Shadows

Neon Shadows is a brand new story based noir podcast. Based off the first episode, the world building and character work are both intriguing. It's high quality story telling all around, something that is difficult to pull off in primary audio format. Give this a listen and subscribe now to jump on the beginning of a creative mystery.

Awesome show

I’ve listened to all the episodes and I’m hooked. It’s gritty, dark, story and character driven. I hope they release season 2 soon