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Aug. 4, 2020

Chapter 1: A Shadow Looms

Meet Frank and Dusty as they stumble on to a case that may be more than they bargained for.

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Aug. 11, 2020

Chapter 2: Batter Up

A darkness rises. Frank runs out of clues and hits the street.

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Aug. 18, 2020

Chapter 3: Breadcrumbs

After saving Sam, Frank finally catches a break.

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Aug. 25, 2020

Chapter 4: Paper Trail

Frank and Lady find comfort in each other. A chance meeting turns Frank's case upside down.

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Aug. 28, 2020

Season 1 Trailer

Season 1 Trailer

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Sept. 1, 2020

Chapter 5: Get Well Soon

After Frank's run-in with the killer, an even more shocking revelation rocks his world.

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Sept. 8, 2020

Chapter 6: The Wasp And The Spider

Frank's devastation darkens his heart. A long awaited face-off reaches its climax.

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Sept. 15, 2020

Thank You From Neon Shadows

The cast of Neon Shadows A Noir Tale has a message for our faithful listeners!

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Oct. 29, 2020

Season 2 Trailer

Just a little taste of what's coming. This season is going to be bigger in every way. Better quality. Longer episodes. More char…

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Dec. 7, 2020

A Very Neon Christmas Trailer

A taste of the holiday 2020 special of Neon Shadows A Noir Tale. Our season two kickstarter was a success and we pledged to bring…

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Dec. 15, 2020

A Very Neon Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Enjoy this non-canon bonus episode to tide you over till season 2! Cast: Frank Dixon / Santa …

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April 20, 2021

Chapter 7: Seekers

Frank and Ulysses find a ghost town with secrets buried deep. Dusty and Sam handle day to day operations and take on a "simple" c…

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April 27, 2021

Chapter 8: My Own Worst Enemy

Dusty wakes up no longer restrained. Frank opens up about his past while he and Ulysses are trapped in an old building. *** WE SU…

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May 4, 2021

Chapter 9: A Light In The Dark

Frank wakes up and investigates the tunnels far below the cathedral. Dusty is out of his depth and looking for help from an old f…

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May 11, 2021

Chapter 10: New Moon

Dusty looks for answers about the coin.  Frank, Ulysses, and Andras zero in on Cordelia and attempt to stop the ritual.   *** WE …

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May 18, 2021

Chapter 11: A Rock And A Hard Place

Frank and Ulysses make a tough choice. Dusty rushes to save Clark and finally begins to understand his situation.   *** WE SUGGES…

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May 25, 2021

Chapter 12: Fox In A Henhouse

Frank seeks solace and wades through his misery. Dusty finally finds the medallion.   *** WE SUGGEST LISTENING WITH HEADPHONES FO…

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July 20, 2021

Intermission With Blundercast!

Neon Shadows will return August 2nd but until then, Blunderbust Studios introduces Blundercast! Showrunners for Neon Shadows A No…

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Aug. 3, 2021

Chapter 13: Of Wolves And Bears

There is history in Dusty's affliction. A new threat makes an appearance in Darkrim.   ***   WE SUGGEST LISTENING WITH HEADPHONES…

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Aug. 24, 2021

Chapter 14: An Axe To Grind

Frank and Cordelia help Dusty after recovering the incantation. Lady Justice is under siege.   *** WE SUGGEST LISTENING WITH HEAD…

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Aug. 30, 2021

Chapter 15: Spill Your Guts

A glimpse into the past of Ulysses shows a different side of him. Dusty suffers through his loss. A secret meeting between ancien…

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Sept. 7, 2021

Chapter 16: Unexpected Guests

The gangs all here preparing for a final assault on Gareth at Phantom Corp. However, their plans are interrupted.   *** WE SUGGES…

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Sept. 14, 2021

Chapter 17: Bear With Me

The time for revenge is here. The assault on Phantom Corp commences.***WE SUGGEST LISTENING WITH HEADPHONES FOR MAXIMUM IMMERSION…

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April 21, 2022

Love Finds A Way

2021 patreon Halloween special. Frank takes a case to catch a cheating wife in the act. *** WE SUGGEST LISTENING WITH HEADPHONES …

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