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Aug. 16, 2022

Chapter 21: Out of the Oven...

Chapter 21: Out of the Oven...

Frank searches for a lead in Roderick Davis. An ambush lies in wait.




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Neon Shadows: A Noir Tale Series Cast:

Frank Dixon, extras- Ian Knowles

Dusty Willis, Jonah Carver, extras- Dan Faulkner

Lady James, Cordelia Amsel, extras- Amber Wren

Ulysses, extras- Sean Goodrich

Detective Joe Sutton, extras- Tyler Brown

Radio / TV news anchor, extras- Logan Lenkowski

Sam, extras- Elie Hirschman

Andras, extras- Tim Duplissey

Gareth- David Ault

Angel, extras- Blythe Renay

Anne- Marta Da Silva

Lt. Wise - Gerald Hill

David Medus - Roderick Davis

Mysterious Stranger - Nate Barham

Mrs. Davis and Dusty's Mom - Liv Manning

Mr Steele- Scott Wilkins

Extras- Scott Wilkins