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July 26, 2022

Chapter 18: Boiling Over

Chapter 18: Boiling Over
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Dusty hunts for Gareth in an effort to avenge Sam. An unholy alliance forms.





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Neon Shadows: A Noir Tale Series Cast:

Frank Dixon, extras- Ian Knowles


Dusty Willis, Jonah Carver, extras- Dan Faulkner


Lady James, Cordelia Amsel, extras- Amber Wren


Ulysses, extras- Sean Goodrich


Detective Joe Sutton, extras- Tyler Brown


Radio / TV news anchor, extras- Logan Lenkowski


Sam, extras- Elie Hirschman


Andras, extras- Tim Duplissey


Gareth- David Ault


Angel, extras- Blythe Renay

Extras- Scott Wilkins